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chanel outlet designer Karl Lagerfeld is the fashion industry's most influential leaders. However because of his ecentric, he often exposes news which surprised the public. It was reported in the daily mail that Karl Lagerfeld had said, if he can, he wanted to marry your pet cat. This cat is treated as if she is the daughther of Karl Lagerfeld. He not only hired two 24-hour personal maid for her, but also equipped with iPad (with angry birds) and Twitter account for its games.

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Chanel can have many advertising spokesman, but she only has one eternal image representative of a brand; Karl Lagerfeld can have an unlimited number of "favorite", but the eternal muse in his heart is Coco Chanel. I don't know if there are designers like her, who can be remembered in constantly being instituted, after remembering after passed away, of course, gossip. We all know that 75 year old Karl Lagerfeld has always been full of ginseng-like energy. In addition to the design of the Bank, he loved all things related to art, film is one of them. Photography exhibition with lively games mirror, pass the chanel outlet store brand of innovation and modernity.